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PE Systems, established in 1984, provides instrumentation, analyzers, and analyzer systems solutions to many different industries as a manufacturer's representative.

We offer turnkey analyzer systems (CEMS or process analyzer systems), stand-alone analyzers, sample systems, engineering services and Data Acquisition and/or Process Control (DAS or SCADA).


PE Systems is a preferred Siemens' partner for the best gas analyzers in the industry. Solutions include the ULTRAMAT 23 analyzer for measuring CO, NO, SO2 and O2 in the exhaust gases of power plants with gas, oil or coal firing. The Series 6 analyzers – ULTRAMAT 6, OXYMAT 6, FIDAMAT 6 and LDS 6 – are also approved analyzers, and can be used in waste incinerator power plants. These analyzers can be used to measure CO, NO, SO2, O2, NH3, HCl and hydrocarbons. The NH3 TDL analyzer is "the best" in the industry for stack and process measurements. Contact us for more.

A full line of on-line Trace Moisture and Physical Properties analyzers for gasoline and diesel blending, jet fuel and distillation tower cuts (among other applications) are available through Bartec Benke.

PE Systems is the exclusive Rep for Perma Pure Baldwin offering permeation dryers to remove water in the vapor phase without the loss of desired analytes. Traditional thermo-electric chillers for higher concentration analysis of gaseous components.

PE Systems is the exclusive Rep for Liquid Analytical Resource within California and Nevada providing leading liquid analysis instrumentation from Strathkelvin Instruments and Chemitec. Our clients benefit from US-based service and support.
* Online TOC / COD / Nitrogen
* Benchtop COD (3-minute, chemical-free, accurate and repeatable)
* Benchtop Respirometer (Toxicity and sludge health)
* Portable Respirometer (Log OUR, SOUR, DO and Temperature to optimize and trouble-shoot your basin)
* In-situ Respirometer (advanced on-line sludge plant control)
* pH/ORP
* Conductivity
* Turbidity
* Suspended Solids
* Optical DO
* Chlorine, Ozone, PAA and other oxidants
* Nitrate
* Ammonium
Originally designed for industry to assist measurement of greenhouse gas emissions, further refinements have proven the OSI Optical Flow Meter use in process control, flare stack monitoring and steam assist, tunnel vents, combustion control - and more. OFS-2000 series sensors meet EPA 40 Parts 60 & 75, and SCAQMD RECLAIM.

PE Systems offers the ONLY stack moisture analyzer with auto-calibration on the market, providing more accurate data than the traditional wet/dry O2 method for calculating moisture. Please contact us through the website link for more information.
ECSI for Regulatory Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) complying with EPA Part 60, Part 75, AQMD RECLAIM, and SCADA systems.

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